Naomi Takahashi, LCSW

We each bring with us our own set of life experiences. And these life experiences sometimes bring us pain and can be overwhelming. Often, support from someone who can offer insights from an empowering, non-judgmental perspective is needed. I will honor your personal knowledge and experience and work to provide a supportive space for you as you re-imagine your life and find your inner strengths. Together, we will identify strategies that fit your needs best and create space for exploration that will move you towards the life you see for yourself.

I love working with adolescents, adults, couples, families, and utilize mindfulness, trauma-informed therapies, research and life  experience in order to holistically see people as part of environments they live in, be that family, friends, community, work, school, society.

My areas of interest include: anxiety/stress, career, college and other life transitions, racial identity development, trauma, grief, self-esteem, relationships and depression/mood disorders.

When you call, I answer or call you back directly. I can schedule appointments within a week. I would be honored to join you as you embark on your journey of personal growth.

  • The Alliance (UW Student Plan)
  • Sliding scale fees

I would also be happy to answer any questions you have by phone (608) 285-2443 or email